During lockdown, children at Bathford have been continuing to show their love of writing. They have been inspired by some fantastic books.

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In Class R the children wrote letters to the Rough Tough Girl pirates after reading The Night Pirates.

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In Class 1 children made habitats for a creature, writing a report on the materials they had chosen for their amazing creations.

Class 2 were inspired to write their own animal adventure stories, after reading the wonderful Claude stories by Alex T Smith.

In Class 3 they have written some fantastic fables, Class 4 have composed creative cinquain poems, Class 5 have written persuasive letters and Class 6 have written some letters to Class 5 introducing them to life in Year Six!

If you are confused with all the English terms that children are learning in school then have a look at the Primary Grammar Jargon busterfor some help.

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