Here are some of our school policies:

A key policy for all staff is the Teaching and Learning Policy, which guides our classroom practice.

Statutory Policies:

Admissions Arrangements: see Admissions page for policies

Bathford Bereavement Policy

BWMAT Charging and Remissions Policy

BWMAT Data Protection Policy

BWMAT Bathford Attendance Policy

BWMAT Complaints Policy 2023

BWMAT Capability Policy

BWMAT Early Career Teachers (ECTs) Policy

BWMAT Code of Conduct for Employees and Volunteers

BWMAT Whistle-blowing Policy

BWMAT Disciplinary Procedure

BWMAT Whole School Pay Policy 

Bathford Accessibility Plan 2022

BWMAT Safeguarding and CP Policy 23

BWMAT Safeguarding allegations and concerns against staff and volunteers

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023

BWMAT Bathford Online Safety Policy

BWMAT Bathford Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions and Pupils with Health Needs who can’t attend school  Policy 

BWMAT Reduced Timetable Policy

BWMAT SEND Policy June 2022

Bathford Church School SEND Policy 2024

Bathford SEN Information Report 2024

Bathford RSE Policy 2021 

Bathford Behaviour Policy 

Bathford Anti Bullying Policy

BWMAT Exclusions Policy 

BWMAT Health and Safety Policy – May 2023

Bathford Health and Safety Annex – May 2023

BWMAT First Aid Policy

Bathford Equality Policy, Information and Objectives

Bathford Missing Child Procedure

BWMAT Freedom of Information Policy

Other Important Policies


Collective Worship Policy

BWMAT Positive Handling Policy

BWMAT Educated Out of Year Group Policy

Active Travel Policy 2020 -21

BWMAT Code of Conduct for Parents, Carer and Visitors

BWMAT Equal Opportunities

Visitors & Contractors Working On Site 2020-21

Voluntary-Helpers-Policy 2020-21

Paper copies of policies are available on request from the school office.

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