Vision Statement


At Bathford Church School, we believe that all children should have access to a high quality, progressive physical education curriculum that inspires and engages all pupils to succeed and excel in physical activity. Through the delivery of our physical education curriculum, varied opportunities for play and elements of competition, we hope all children will become physically confident and competent whilst being motivated to achieve their personal best whilst at Bathford. We strive to equip children with the necessary skills, knowledge and range of physical experiences to motivate them to lead lifelong, active and healthy lifestyles. Our physical education curriculum is carefully planned to include a range of activities that allow children to develop and apply a broad range of skills, with appropriate provision to support a range of learning needs and abilities. At Bathford, we seek to provide opportunities for children to participate in competitive and non-competitive activities that build character and embed our school values of ‘Grow, Care, Serve, Share’.


Children will receive at least two hours of engaging, high quality physical education each week along with other daily opportunities for physical activity. Teachers model positive attitudes towards physical activity in their weekly PE lessons, celebrating children’s successes, supporting them to grow and improve, as well as encouraging involvement in activities beyond the school day. Through working with the other local schools, there are opportunities for children to compete in friendly, competitive sport over the course of an academic year.  Children will also participate in school-based events that encourage the development and application of skills such as teamwork, resilience, determination and respect. Children have access to high quality PE coaching from an IN2SPORT coach once a week, in a range of different physical activities. In addition, we offer weekly sports clubs and activities where children can further develop skills and experience new opportunities. Through local club links, children receive coaching from experts in different sports, often inspiring them to take up an activity outside of school. Regular opportunities for play allows children to be active throughout the day as well as exploring and developing social, emotional, personal and communication skills.


By the end of KS1, children should be competent in the fundamental movement skills (balance, agility and coordination) and begin to apply these skills in different contexts. They will be able to listen to instructions, explain how they feel when they exercise and encourage their peers in different activities. Children will also understand how to use equipment and apparatus safely. By the end of KS2, children should be confident and competent in all fundamental movement skills across a range of contexts. They should understand and have the necessary skills to participate in a wide range of sports and activities. Children should be able to set personal goals, reflecting on their involvement and performance in different activities, including physical, social and thinking elements. They will have learnt about the importance of being healthy and active and will have hopefully discovered a range of activities they enjoy participating in.

Collaboration across year groups
Chances to try new sports
Competitive matches against other schools
Fun Sports Days
Forest School activities
Raising money for charity
Wellbeing activities
Whole school events with staff participation!
Exciting activities on the Year 6 residential
Imaginative OPAL play
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