School Uniform

Our school colours are red, white and grey. School uniform is available on the Michael Hope website www.michaelhope.co.uk.

On the website type “bathf” in the search box or click on ‘School shops’ and go to the Bathford Church School section.

Trousers, skirts and shorts must be grey.

Boys’ uniform is white logo polo shirt without tie or buttoned white shirt plus tie (tied or elastic), grey shorts or trousers, grey, white or black socks and black trainers or shoes. Girls’ uniform is the same as boys regarding shirts and ties, although a blouse with tie is also permitted, with the option of grey trousers or skirts. Gingham or pinafore dresses are also available on the website (or identical items can be sourced elsewhere). Tights can be plain grey, black or red. Also available are grey fleeces, red v-necks and red cardigans.

If ordering from the website then please ensure that the correct colour is ticked. If you do not wish to purchase uniform with our school logo available through Michael Hope, then you may source your own items in a matching style. These items should be purchased from a uniform range, should have no logos other than our school one and should be one complete block colour without any pattern or decoration.

SECOND HAND UNIFORM STALL: The school has a small stock of logo’d second hand school uniform – please see Office staff.

PE KIT: All children need to have a PE kit in a named bag available at school during the week. For all PE and games lessons children need a pair of black shorts or a black skort (or black sports leggings/joggers in colder weather), a RED T shirt, daps for indoors and trainers for outside. PE bags in black with our school logo are available from the Michael Hope website.

SHOES and WELLIES: For health and safety reasons, we need every child wearing robust shoes which are comfortable and practical. Shoes must be black or smart sandals may also be worn in the summer. We ask that all children keep a pair of named wellies on their class wellie rack, ready for the many outdoor classroom activities. Crocs, heeled shoes and ballet pumps are not appropriate.

BOOK BAGS – We recommend a Book bag for pupils in Reception to YR 2 as these fit neatly in the children’s drawers. Backpacks can be used for YR 3 and upwards.

JEWELLERY: No jewellery is allowed apart from stud earrings and wrist watches, and these will have to be removed for PE.


PLEASE NAME ALL CLOTHING! Please make sure that all school clothes, wellies and your child’s PE kit and bag are named. We will endeavour to return named items of clothing found at school to the appropriate child.

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