Our Curriculum


At Bathford Church School our vision of ‘Grow, Care, Serve, Share’ frames our curriculum.  We aim to help our children to grow by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and values they need both to make sense of the world and to become caring, responsible global citizens. 

Grow: Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to thrive as we nurture, celebrate, enrich and inspire children to develop a positive self-story and excellent mental health. Opportunities for high-quality play, joy, awe and wonder enrich the spirit of the child. We aim to develop children who understand the purpose of learning and are engaged, self-motivated and reflective learners. We promote the creative and critical thinking skills, perseverance and resilience that our children need to embrace the challenges and opportunities they encounter.  

Care:  Children develop a clear understanding of values such as kindness, love, respect and perseverance which also reflect the core Christian values of both the school and the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust.  Our curriculum addresses negative stereotyping through investigating similarities and differences and promoting acceptance, diversity, citizenship and human rights. 

Serve: Our curriculum promotes thinking as a global citizen, enabling children to make deep connections between their learning, our local context and the world they live in. We support children to become active, collaborative and responsible global citizens. Three key global learning themes underpin our curriculum: Sustainable development, Social Justice and Identity and Diversity. Each of these themes is broken down into knowledge, skills and values and across each year a number of high-quality core texts are used to bring the themes to life for our children. 

Share: Children are given the opportunity to discuss, debate and communicate, developing a shared connection to one another, to our community, our local environment, the natural world and the wider world. 

At Bathford Church School, we broadly follow the National Curriculum, although we make explicit links to our local area, children’s own interests and to the global citizenship curriculum. Click here to find out more about the National Curriculum

You can find more information about each of the individual subjects on the links below:

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