Our School

Bathford Church School is a caring, nurturing, happy school where we strive for every child to receive a life-enhancing, outstanding education.  Our vision of ‘Grow, Care, Serve, Share’ frames our curriculum. We aim to help our children to grow by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and values they need both to make sense of the world and to become caring, responsible global citizens.

Three key global learning themes underpin our curriculum: Identity and Diversity, Social Justice and Equity and Sustainable Development. Each of these themes is broken down into knowledge, skills and values and across each year a number of high-quality core texts are used to bring the themes to life for our children.  In the autumn term the whole school theme is Identity and Diversity, in the Spring term it is Social Justice and Equity and in the Summer it is Sustainable Development.

Our evolving 2020-21 curriculum is based around these themes and delivered through exciting termly, cross curricular topics which cover the National Curriculum but are enhanced by children’s own interests, our school vision and local and global events.  For further information on current topics, please see the ‘Our Curriculum’ page.

Our aim is to develop children who are creative and artistic, tolerant and light hearted, friendly and trustworthy, forgiving and enthusiastic, wise and compassionate. To develop children who show empathy, endurance, teamwork and humility. Children who can be peaceful, who have a sense of justice and who are respectful, thankful and hopeful about the future. Children who are kind, talented, independent, honest, alert, resilient, thoughtful, confident, helpful, responsible, happy, hard-working and polite. Children who will persevere, who are loyal, punctual, ambitious and who value ‘koinonia’, that feeling of fellowship and togetherness with others.

We are a Thrive School

We believe that children’s emotional development is as important as their academic development.  We are a Thrive school and use Thrive assessments and methods to help children learn new ways of responding, which can improve resilience and give them a greater ability to engage with life and learning.

For more information visit www.thriveapproach.com


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