New Parents September 2021

Usually our Year 6 children lead tours for prospective parents but as they are unable to do this at the current time, they have made this video to show you our school.


Firstly, we are delighted to welcome you to Bathford Church School. As you may know, our school is part of the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust and together we aim to provide an outstanding education for every child, enhanced by our distinctively Christian ethos

Bathford Church School is a caring, nurturing, happy school in Bathford village, blessed with beautiful grounds which provide an exceptional outdoor space.  Our vision, ‘Grow, Care, Serve, Share’ permeates every aspect of school life and frames the way we live and work.  Our school has an exceptionally strong sense of inclusion and welcome and is a place where children flourish.  We aim to help our children to grow by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and values they need both to make sense of the world and to become caring, responsible global citizens.  Our Christian vision and associated values of kindness, respect, forgiveness, perseverance and love create deep and mutually beneficial relationships between children, staff, parents and the community.  We are unwavering in our ambition to see every child included in the life of the school, and to succeed. We believe that children’s emotional development is as important as their academic development and we use the Thrive programme to support children’s social and emotional development.


Reception Class 2021 2022

If your child joins us in Reception Class, the class teacher is Miss Katie Fairclough, who is a wonderful and very experienced Early Years teacher. 

For the first couple of weeks children come for the morning session only, one week where they come home before lunch and one where they come home after lunch. 

The first term is very much about making the children happy, feel safe and secure and ensuring that they develop good friendships as they learn the school routines.   The children will learn through play and through teaching that is engaging, interactive and imaginative.

During the first 2 weeks of term, the class teacher will usually come to your home for an afternoon visit, to discuss all those important pieces of information about your child  (likes, dislikes, favourite toys, friendship etc.) so that we can best help them and you as they start an exciting new chapter in their lives.

Early Years Welcome Video

Induction Pack 2020 2021

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